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Name:Charlie Nagendra
Birthdate:Apr 9
Location:Connecticut, United States of America
Charlie Nagendra was your average teenage American kid. Sure, his ancestors were Indian, but that didn't mean squat to him, really; both his parents were Christian, the only language besides English he spoke was whatever Spanish he actually retained from high school, and he knew next to nothing about the countries his grandparents came from. And sure, maybe his parents would have liked for him to care about his heritage, or his college prospects, or maybe something besides comic books and 80s cartoons, but he was a good kid regardless, on his way to becoming the average American citizen.

At least he was until senior year.

The metagene. The X-gene. Freak factor. Whatever you want to call it, that's when it kicked in. Charlie dove into his backyard swimming pool a functional human teenager, and came up a half-boy, half-snake freak of nature. No legs, just a 12-foot-long and growing snake tail from the waist down, plus a few other assorted goodies he learned about over the next year. A poisonous bite. A limited healing factor. The ability to call and command snakes. Not exactly what you'd call handy skills, at least outside of a circus.

He's been learning, though. It's been almost six years. That's a lot of time to spend cooped up inside, with parents who are slowly beginning to think their son might be the antichrist. A lot of time to practice, in between visits to doctors and scientists and priests of every religion. He spends a lot of time in his own company, just his art and his video games and the vast wonders of the internet. And now, more than ever, he's beginning to wonder if he'll ever get out, or if one day they'll just get tired of hiding him and have him shipped off a lab somewhere.

Recently, though, Charlie's finally learned the secret of shedding. He can get his legs back, for short periods of time. They might be useless, but they're legs, and he's finally maybe got a ray of hope in his life. All he can do is keep practicing, and pray life gets back to normal someday. Of course, the snake whispering in the back of his subconscious might have something to say about that...

[Character, mun, and PB all over the age of 18. Character is property of mun; Avan Jogia owns himself.]
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